Death by Design is joining the International Campaign for Responsible Technology (ICRT) and the GoodElectronics Network in challenging electronics brands, manufacturers, and suppliers to proactively reduce and eliminate chemical and physical hazards in their supply chains. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Human Rights, Worker Rights And Environmental Protections

The electronics industry must recognize the following human rights and worker rights:

Right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Right to healthy communities and a safe environment, free from harm caused by materials used or disposed of throughout the product lifecycle.

Right to know what hazards are present in the workplace, all chemicals that are there, and what is discharged into the environment.

Right to an effective remedy when harm has occurred. This includes compensation for workers made
sick or injured, and liability for harming the community or the environment.

Right of workers to organize without interference and bargain collectively.

Action And Changes Needed

Specifically, we have identified six key areas for change and action for electronics brands, manufacturers, and their suppliers:

Be transparent. Provide full materials disclosure to workers, communities, and the general public, including what chemicals are being used and discharged, and what hazards to the environment and humans are known to be associated with the chemicals.
Use safer chemicals. Assess hazardous materials used in manufacturing throughout the product lifecycle and replace them with safer alternatives.
Protect workers. Develop and implement comprehensive hazard monitoring for all workplaces and workers throughout the product lifecycle.
Protect communities and the environment. Prevent harm throughout the product lifecycle. Conduct effective, transparent, independent monitoring of all discharge streams. Eliminate hazardous discharges to air, waterways, and land.
Compensate and remediate for harm to people and environment.

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